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Who makes a great nanny ?


What type of person makes for a good nanny?

Not everyone that
can be a nanny should be one. As you look at various people for this job, consider who they are based on some basic standards.


Non Profit Support


One thing you should realize is that there are countless agencies and organizations that provide non profit services for those who are hiring nannies as well as nannies themselves. These organizations are a treasure trove of information and details. One of them is the International Nanny Association. Here are their standard

qualifications for a nanny.


The individual must be at least 18 years of age.

The individual must have at least a high school education or have the equivalent.

The nanny must be in good health themselves.

Beyond this, though, there are other things you must consider. For example, does the age of a nanny matter? For most people, the age of a nanny is a consideration. But, it differs from one person to the next.



You may be looking for someone that will be able to provide you with physical interaction with your child. You may want someone that can keep up with the three young children you have.


Or, you may be looking for someone that has a great deal of

experience and has a more “set in stone” outlook on rearing



Either of these examples, extreme as they are, is a fine qualification. It is up to you to decide what the ideal age or other qualifications that your nanny should have. In fact, a nanny can be anyone you wish, over 18 that you feel has the right qualifications you set forth.


There can also be benefits of hiring a mannie, or a male

nanny. This too should be something that you take into



One Rule That Can’t Be Surpassed

Most of the qualifications of a nanny center on your actual

preferences for a nanny. There is one rule, though, that should always be considered.



A nanny should always have a genuine interest and love in children. They should respect children and truly enjoy being around them. A nanny that considers this a job is not someone to hire. Rather, hire a nanny that considers this to be their career and even their calling. The difference will come forth in their dedication.


Three Types of Nannies

Nannies can be broken down into three basic types of people. Of
course there are exceptions to every rule, but you should consider where your preferences are in these basic types.


Younger: Nannies in this group are often single, young and are looking to work as a nanny for the next couple of years, perhaps to pay for college or their future training. Some are taking a break from work or school, while others want to serve as a nanny part time. They may not be getting the personal rewards from their current employment. The benefit in these nannies are that they are more energetic, eager, active and often open to working with all types of people.

Older and Experienced: This group of nannies is generally older people that are experienced in raising children of their own. Some are people that have raised their children and wish to help others do the same. In this case, there are countless differences in the education, skills and background of the individuals.


Experts: In the final group of nannies you will find people that consider themselves professionals, experts and even child care specialists. Here, you have people that are looking to make being a nanny a full time career. They generally have gone through educational programs and may have an early childhood education or even an elementary education degree. They may have a training certificate in nanny specialized fields. Many will have years of experience working as a nanny, while others are just starting out.

How do you select ?

Determine what it is that appeals to you.
Education, experience, long term dedication, energy and more are things that you should consider here. How important are these features to you?


Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of not considering people from all of these situations as your nanny. Each offers something unique that may fit with what you are looking for better.



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