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Salary and Tax :

You are free to negotiate the pay rate directly with your nanny but make sure you are paying at least the award rate. You can view the current minimum rate at We Need a Nanny does not accept jobs posted on it's site that are below the minimum award rate. You have to provide pay advice records and PAYG payment summaries ( formerly group certificates ) and submit PAYG tax. Visit the Australian Tax Office website at
From the "Individuals" home page, click on "Employment" under the heading "Your Situation" and there you'll find a link to "Employing household staff".

Superannuation :

Domestic workers who work more than 30 hours a week are entitled to Super ( current rate is 9.5% on top of their regular pay as of 1 July 2015 )

Holiday Leave and Sick leave :

There are minimum leave entitlements for full and part-time workers. Visit for information on this.

Insurance :

It's recommended that you have insurance that covers domestic employees in the event of injury in the workplace ( your home ) or on their way to and from work. Domestic workers insurance may be included in your home and contents insurance. For details on what you need regarding insurance go to the Workcover website for your state.

Employment contract :

It's a good idea to have all these details negotiated and written down in an employment contract or agreement, which should include all details like roles and responsibilities required, notice period etc.

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