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Who is a nanny ?

Just who is a nanny anyway? Many people don't realize what a nanny can provide or what their true job is. In fact, this will be one
of the steps you go through when hiring a nanny to care for your child. What you want them to provide must be defined ahead of time. In that, you have to know what should be provided and what a standard nanny's job is.

The definition of a nanny is someone that is employed to take care of children. This generally happens within the child's home. Some nannies are live in while others will come and go on a daily basis at various hours. Nannies can be hired on a full time basis or they may even work part time. In most cases, they are responsible for the day to day care of your child including their established routines.


What To Expect From Your Nanny

There are several things that you should expect from your nanny.
Don't assume that they will provide this, though. The fact is that every aspect of hiring a nanny means spelling out what you require.


A nanny should:


Respect family decisions and provide services around them.

Promote the development of the child in all aspects including emotional, physical, intellectual and social developments.


Hold true to high standards of professional conduct with

children and families.

Continue their education to provide the latest resources and skills to the child.

The role of a nanny includes things like being educators,
nutritionists, activity coordinators, researchers, friends, and much more. They do more than any babysitter could provide as their job is not to keep the child out of trouble for a few hours, but for their life.


It is up to you to decide who you hire as a nanny for your family. There is no official seal of approval that nannies have. Yet, it is very strongly recommended that you take the time to find out about their experience and their education. Most nannies will have special education under their belt for child care. These skills should be evident in the way that they work with children, in the decisions that they make and on paper from the school itself. A nanny with special

child care skills is a person that has dedicated their education to becoming a child care specialist, something you definitely want to have in your home.


It is strongly recommended that you consider the educational

background of the nanny before you hire them to care for your child. Even someone that has had their own children may not know all that they should about the educational and social development of a child.



Many colleges and universities offer this type of education and there are also a number of nanny institutes that are a tool to consider as well. As you will see, there are a number of different ways to hire a nanny, but this is one aspect that should never go without detailed research.


You have to ask these questions:


What makes this person qualified to raise your child?


What skills do they possess that make them capable, willing, and educationally developed to handle this huge responsibility?


If you can't answer that question about a nanny you are

considering, consider someone else for the job.


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