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What about a manny ?


What is a manny? A manny is simply a male nanny. Today, these are becoming more and more popular. Traditionally a nanny has always been a woman. Yet, there is more and more demand for a male role model within the home.


Is a manny the right choice for you? If you are completely uninterested in whether the person that you bring into your home is male or female, the only considerations that you have are that of the previous qualifications that youíve set forth. Yet, there is no doubt that for many this is something of concern.


A manny is a good choice in a number of situations. Assuming that you can trust anyone that you bring into your home because youíve done the necessary research on them, you can begin working on determining the right fit for you. A manny may work well in a home that has several boys that may or may not need a male role model. Some women feel that having a man in the home is a good thing for boys as it helps them to have someone to relate to.


This can be especially true as boys begin to get older and need to make decisions that they would feel more comfortable talking to a male about.


Yet, a manny is still a good choice for any home that requires a male role model. If you feel more comfortable having a man take care of your child, then by all means it will work for you.



Men can be just as compassionate, nurturing and considerate as women can be. Often, men are looked at as being more fun and engaging to children over what women are. Nevertheless, they are just as educated, just as experienced and more often are the ideal person to handle those situations that boys donít want to work with.


If you have a girl, donít be afraid to bring in a manny. In this case, especially when the child may not have a male role model, sheíll appreciate all of the same things that the boys would.


Whether you select a manny or a nanny is up to you. At least give them the same considerations as you would a nanny as you may find that a male nanny is a better fit for you and your family.


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