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What help do you need ?


Finding a great person for the nanny job is great, but do you even realize what you would like them to provide for you ? What type of help do you need ? When do you need it ? All of these things are essential to consider when it comes to hiring a nanny.


Youíre Unique

There is no special form to fill out to determine the best type of set
up for you and your nanny. Each family will have its own special and specific needs as well as child care requirements. The first consideration to select is that of time.


Do you need a full time nanny ?

A full time nanny will cost you
more. Since most full time nannies live in your home, youíll have to have the space to accommodate them. In addition, youíll need to determine a working schedule, as even nannies will need time off.


A full time nanny does offer many perks, though. For example, they may have longer hours and more time off during the middle of the day when the child is at school. Or, they may be able to provide more complete child care since they are living at the location. A full time nanny may have part of their pay come from room and boarding, if this is decided upon.


Do you want a nanny that works at your home but then leaves

daily ?

In this case, the costs are going to be somewhat less because the nanny will not be there for bedtime or other such events. Nevertheless, a full time nanny still provides full time care to your child, servicing their needs as you both define.


A part time nanny is great fit for those that are looking for someone to help after school and until bedtime, or during the day for younger kids. These individuals will come into the home and provide child care as you define and will meet the childís care needs during the time they are there. Of course, the cost of a part time nanny is lower and they do not usually live in your home.


Cleaning House

One thing that many people assume is that if they have a nanny
that the nanny will be providing in home cleaning services as well as child rearing. If you feel that these things go together, you will need to talk about this with the nanny prior to hiring someone. This is not something that comes with the package and may cost you more to find a nanny/housekeeper rolled into one.


Reality and Nannies

When you hire a nanny, have realistic expectations. If you are
hiring someone to come into your home and take care of your childís every need, communicate this. But, realize too that they are not magicians that have magical solutions for all problems that are going to come up. Whatís more is that they will provide services to you that are directed by you, not just off the cuff.



Another realistic expectation to have is that of the role that the nanny will play. In most cases, a nanny is not someone that will be filling in for a parent. They donít handle running a home either. Things like cleaning, cooking, chores and doing your grocery shopping are not things that you are hiring a nanny to do. Rather, their job is to take care of the child.


The job of a nanny is child care. Some nannies will be okay with doing like housekeeping, especially when the child has been the one to make the mess. But, it is rare to find a nanny that will agree to run your household for you. If this is something that you are after in the nanny, finding someone that can accurately and completely handle each of these roles will be hard and must be sought carefully. Often, one or the other roles will falter.


During the interview process, it is essential to take into consideration any and all of the requirements and interests that you have in your nanny. The nanny is there to help you and provide for your child, but even things that you think are givens should be addressed.


Make sure you look at our article " Interview tips for parents " to help you during the interview process to insure that what they can provide is actually what you are looking for.


Nevertheless, from the beginning, you should have clear expectations and needs determined for your own sake. You should know who you are looking for and have well defined criteria set up to provide for this during the interviewing process.



If and when you do this, you will find that the right person is easier to find as well as fills the role more accurately. Since finding a new nanny to replace one that isnít working out is so much more difficult than getting it right the first time, use communication as your tool to accomplish this.

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