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Contracts and the legal stuff


Since you are officially going to be an employer, you’ll need to get a contract together to work with your nanny.

A contract should include:


Nanny’s salary

Pay dates

Work schedule

Disciplinary actions for nanny that fails to meet requirements.



A method of tracking progress, for example testing scores

Discipline defined for the nanny to follow with your child.

Deductions on paycheck such as federal and local taxes, health insurance and any other requirements.

In addition to this, you should insure that the contract your nanny
signs includes anything specific such as these : 


If you travel a lot, express details of when you will be traveling so as the nanny knows when he or she is needed. You should often talk about overnight care if it is needed. Determine the rules that will be followed for meals such as foods that are safe, or not safe for the child and/or the nanny. Information should be stated about the use of a vehicle for the nanny as well as funds to pay for any needs that the child may have. Sick days should be discussed.


Your contract is a tool that will help protect you as well as the nanny from problems. If you provide this tool to your nanny, you will be able to clearly handle any problem that arises. You will also be able to dismiss a nanny fairly if and when he or she no longer fills the roles that you need him or her to.


To make sure that the contract is binding, arrange to sign the document in front of your lawyer or solicitor. Have him read over the contract to insure that all is in place. If you don’t wish to spend the funds to do this, insure that there are several witnesses to the signing of this agreement.


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