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  • Yumiko K - 33 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    Hi. I came to Australia to study English. Three mounths have passed since I came to Australia. So I'm not good at English at the morment.(Intermediate level) I love children and I worked pediatric and NICU as a nurse for about ten years in Japan. I have never worked as a nanny but I'd like to help you if there is anything I can do. Available time Weekdays:after 3pm Weekend:all day If you have any questions,Please contact me. Thank you.

  • Martina C - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    Hi mums and dads! I'm a university student from Argentina. I decided to come to Australia to work as a nanny and learn from Australian culture. I'm very friendly and creative. I really enjoy child's company. I would love the opportunity to meet you and yours! I've worked as a nanny to a 5 year-old girl and a 9 year-old boy two years ago. I've also take care of my 2 year-old twin nephews for a year. I like to play games, paint and listen to music. In highschool I used to visit rural villages in argentina where we organised games and activities for the children. I enjoy every kid's company but I have more experience with kids over 3.

  • Juul V - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    Hi parents, My name is Juul, I'm born in the Netherlands. I'm living in Manly now. I'm an au-pair for a nice and friendly Dutch family with 2 lovely children (5 and 7). In my off time, I would like it to babysit. I'm available in the weekends (not on Friday evening) and during school times/evening as well. I have a lot of experience with working with children. I worked for over 8 years with children with special needs. Are you interested or do you want more information? Please feel free to contact me! I'm looking forward to hear from you. Juul

  • Veronika B - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    Hi! My name is Veronika and I'm from Norway. I've been in Australia for 11 months now, and I'm so in love with this country! That's why I've decided to study from September on, so I get another year in the amazing country. I would love the opportunity to work as a nanny, I absolutely love kids. I find them to be the funniest people on earth! I have experience with nanny jobs from back home, where I have casually been babysitting for family and friends. I could also give you reference from them. I am used to following instructions and working effectively with or without supervision. I am hard working and always dedicated to my job. I am a quick and eager learner, and also punctual concerning time, rules etc. I am known as a positive and helpful person who loves to work with people! I'll be happy to send you my ressume. And don't be afraid to give me a call or text if you have more questions :) - Veronika

  • Jimena C - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    I am a Marketing student in Argentina . Currently, I`m living in Manly, my intention is to perfect my English and take a course in Australia that compliments my studies. I believe that getting started in childcare would be very positive for my personal future, since later I would love to start my own family. I have never worked as a nanny officially, but always I have cared for my close relatives and sons of friends, I am the oldest of four brothers. I also participated in a volunteer project with the school in my city, giving art classes and activities for children in need. I consider myself an ideal person to take care of children for my optimistic personality, for being responsible, affectionate, patient and very punctual. I would be available to work on afternoon and morning sessions or when required. Hoping that my profile is to his liking, I am willing to arrange a face-to-face interview if they deem it necessary. Sincerely.

  • Tatiana A - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    Hi parents, I have over 2 years experience being a nanny, I have experience with newborn babies, from 3yo to 10yo, I also have special needs experience too, once I had a family with 5 kids at the same time, so I could say that I have some knowledge looking after kids. I have driver's license and my own car, first aid certificate, wwcc and i'm absolutely passionate for children, I'm funny, patient have a lot of energy, on my free time I'm always riding my bike, skating, painting, enjoying outside. I also have experience with cleaning job and I'm good cook too. So if your are looking for a energetic and responsible nanny with experience please let me know.

  • Andrea G - 36 year old Female   Last logged on 22-Aug-2017
    I am studying Certificate III in Early Childcare. I have got two children. I got 10 years experiences. I want to be a caregiver after school, because I am full time student TAFE. I am willing to do housework and cooking.

  • Sofia M - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Aug-2017
    I have a bachelor in visual arts. Back in my country I teach children at my art studio to encourage their creativeness. I come from a big close family so I'm used to take care and play around of my ten little nephews. While I was at university I worked as a babysitter for two years. I have experience in taking care of children of all ages, I really enjoy taking them to the beach, being in nature, painting and having fun.

  • Danielle C - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Aug-2017
    I arrived in Manly 6 months ago. I'm friendly, passionate about assisting children on daily routines, patient and willing to accept responsibility, responsible, honest, able to relate well to children and parents. I don't own my own car, but I have driver´s license, Police Check and references.

  • Stephanie C - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Aug-2017
    Hello Mums and Dads! I'm a University student studying at ICMS and are due to finish studies soon. I am eagerly seeking employment as a casual or full-time live-in Nanny. I'm great with kids, patient, energetic, responsible and charismatic. I am fluent in English and Spanish and can speak some French. I hold a current driver license along with an international drivers permit.

  • Bianca D - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Aug-2017
    Hi Mums and Dads! I am a reliable, fun, energetic, responsible and honest babysitter. I am from Argentina, I study a career in Dentistry. I am great with kids, from all ages, and I love being around them, playing, talking, reading books. I know how to keep the kids safe and make them feel confortable when parents leave. I would love to know about your family and your children. I have 4 years of experience in babysitting, ages between 2 and 12 years old. Also, I am a ski instructor. I was giving classes of ski to kids ages between 3-7 in Aspen, EEUU, during the winter season for 3 years. After ski school I babysited some of them as well. I was giving classes for 2 years about "Dental care" in School (ages between 6-13). I was giving guitar classes for 1 year in "Tungue LELÉ"- kids ages between 8-13 I love sports, music and have a lot of fun! I have driver's license and full availability. I can be reached at 0473437148 or by e-mail Hope to hearing from you!

  • Marina P - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Aug-2017
    Hi Parents, I'm very enthusiastic, honest and hard-worker. Currently looking for part-time/full-time babysitting work around Northern Beaches area. Happy to spend my time with children and work with this as a passion, and love getting to know each child I look after them as a part of my family. In my career experience I've treated a lot of children, also with disabilities, so I'm qualified to help you out if your kid needs special care. I would describe myself as a tender loving person, specially with kids of all ages. I also like pets of any kind so I'd love to walk the dog if you have one or even more. I'm a healthy person so I don't drink or smoke and I am a personal trainer, which exercise is very important for me. I have more than 7 years of experience as a nanny taking care of my cousins, my friend’s kids, worked for a kindy before and other people kids in general who need a loving person to look after them. I'm committed, punctual, responsible and very dedicated. If you are looking for someone like that who you can rely on, please don't hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Camille C - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 20-Aug-2017
    Hi, I'm a french girl who live in manly (sydney). It's with pleasure that I will keep your kids during the week and weekends if needed. My availability are: on Monday afternoon, on Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon and on weekends. For more information, contact me by private message. 🤗

  • Nina N - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Aug-2017
    I am a trained and certified Pediatric Nurse. I graduated in 2007 after going to college and working full-time at a childrens hospital for three years. I am trained to work with children of any age, from the premature to 18 years of age. I was specially trained in caring for children with special needs. After gratuating, I worked as a PED nurse for one year in a full-time position before I started my studies at University. I have a Masters Degree from the University of Mainz in Educational Science/ Special education. During my studies, I continued working part-time as a nurse and taking care of children with special needs, for example autistic children, hyperactive children and one child with Down Syndrome. I am comfortable of taking care of children with all kinds of special needs. I worked as an Au-Pair in Manly from January till July 2016 and since October 2016 I`m working in In-Home Childcare on the Northern Beaches. From January 2017 on I will study Early Childhood Education and Care. I am a caring, out-going and always polite person. Friends describe me as very punctual, responsible with a great sense of humor. I am active and creative, I love to do arts and crafts with children, sing songs and dance with them. I love to read stories to them or take them to the playground or plan activities, such as going to the zoo or pool.

  • Camille S - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Aug-2017
    I've been in Australia for almost two years and speak fluent english. When I arrive I was au pair in an australian family and i was looking after 2 kids, 5 and 7 yo. I stayed with this family for 8 months in Drummoyne, and I loved it so much! I was helping the kids on the morning to get ready for school and drop them off. I also picked them up after school and just played with them, do some homeworks and I cooked for them once a week. I really like to spend time with kids and teach them things. I also used to babysit children in France, I was hired in a agency. I was looking after a little girl of 5 years old after school every day and sometimes on the week end. I also have a big family, this is probably why i love kids, i always had kids around, i have two little brothers and I used to babysit my niece and nephew since they were born. I am now studying and living in Manly. I miss being a nanny, i currently look for a part time because of my studies which is on Thursday (8.30am to 3.30pm) and Friday (8.30am to 1.30pm). I am happy to do after school on these days if it helps. I don't have a car but i am happy to use public transport and i do have my international driver licence if necessary. I am also happy to do some house chores sometimes. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hanna P - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Aug-2017
    Hi! I am with over 6 years of experience. I am currently studying fashion business and interning with a magazine. In the Gold Coast I used to nanny a family of 3 for over a year. A four year old boy A one year old girl And a 9 year old boy. I have just finished up nannying five days a week a 13 year old girl. I come from a family of six, so am extremely social with kids.

  • Camila V - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Aug-2017
    Hello, I`m studying English at Kaplan College in the evening and I`ll be here for at least 6 months. I have a lot of experience with kids. I`ve worked as a nanny and a babysitter in Brazil for about 3 years! I enjoy working with families, I love kids, and If you have any pet, don`t worry, cause I can take care of it too! If your looking for someone who is very careful, friendly and responsible to take care of your kids, you`ve just found someone, so just send me a message!

  • Sofia Q - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Aug-2017
    Hi families! I'm an 24 year old argentinian girl living in Manly. I expect to stay in Australia for about 2 years. I have a lot of expecience with kids and teenagers. I I've been working with children for about four years, between 6 months and 14 year old. I am a very enthusiastic, energetic and funny girl who is looking forward to help families organizing their every day life, as I know parents can have difficulties to be at home 24/7.

  • Marie L - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Aug-2017
    Hi Guys, I am a friendly, hardworking and reliable person who loves to entertain kids as well as playing, educating and working with them. My availability is Monday - Friday and also on the weekends if necessary. I would love to work full time as well. I have been working as a nanny/ housekeeper for several years now. Also, I am from a huge family so it was always part of my life to take care of children. I know I am a good nanny so I hope I will get to know you and your family soon!

  • Julieta A - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Aug-2017
    Hello! I'm from Argentina. I am a doctor and I like to help people. I'm really interested and excited for taking care of children. I am a hard worker and very responsible with children. I have experience as a baby sitter in argentina and Australia too. Also I trained kids in summer camp in 2013 I have a reference of Australian and Argentinian parents. I'm really looking foward to do this and get to know and help a nice family. Currently i am available on weekdays an weekends.

  • Raquel G - 35 year old Female   Last logged on 14-Aug-2017
    I am a Brazilian student. I have been in Australia since December/2015 and have been working as a Nanny since May/2016. I love kids, their purity and happiness. I am an energetic person and playing and being with kids make me really happy and love to make them happy as well. I come from a big family with cousins and brothers much younger than me, so I am used to look after kids since I was teenager. I am a good Cook as well and would be happy to cook for them if needed. I live a healthy life, practicing sports and eating well. I have been studying Fitness and got my First Aid and working with children check.

  • Natalia R - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Aug-2017
    Hi! I would like to be your nanny. I am a hard worker, confident, polite and a funny person. I love to expend time with children. Indeed i have two young cousins so i have expierience for the job.

  • Allegra M - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 12-Aug-2017
    Hello, I am currently looking for a part time/casual babysitting/nannying job. I love working with children and have experience working with children ages 2-11. I would ultimately like to study Early Childhood Learning. I am willing to do some housekeeping duties, some food preparation and light cleaning. I am flexible regarding the days and hours that I can work. My hobbies include soccer, art, music, travel and caring for my pet rabbit. I have my drivers license and have access to a car. I graduated from High School with my First Aid Certificate and my Certificate III in Tourism & Events. I am looking for a job preferably in the greater Manly Area. If you have any questions and think I can help your family, please feel free to message me. Thank you.

  • Ida S - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Aug-2017
    Hi The past year I have lived in Australia and worked as a nanny for three families. Previous nanny works included taking care of 5 year old girl and 3 years old twin boys. (2. Work) I was nanny for a one year old boy. ( I was taking care of 3,4 and 10 year old girl. I'm friendly, positive and smiling person. As a nanny I'm reliable and energetic. Healthy lifestyle is important for me and in my freetime I like go to gym. I like to be with kids and I feel so good when I can make children happy. I consider it is important for kids to be active and social in their early age for to be well prepaid for school. I'm studying in sport and fitness college at the moment.

  • Cilene M - 37 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Aug-2017
    I love to be around children! I am a Brazilian student and I have been in Australia for tree months . I have worked with babysitting when I was an exchange student and since I got in Australia I worked as babysitting in a private house and School After Care. I am responsible, friendly and enjoy to entertain the kids.

  • Isabela K - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Aug-2017
    Hellou Families, I'm living in Manly like an au pair at the moment. I take care about 2 boys, 7 and 9 years old. I have a lot of free time so i'm looking for more job/opportunities with other families around. I already worked 6 months in a kids garden in Brazil, and I did volunteer work in Africa. Babysitting is a pleasure for me. I really enjoy My time with the children. I'm very active, creative and responsible girl. I love sports and outdoors activities. And i can also help you with some house work. Its just a bit about me, feel free to send me a message if you would like to meet me or would like the further information, including a reference letter from My host famíly. I would love to hear from you. Cheers

  • Sydney E - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 09-Aug-2017
    Hi there ! I will just be starting my second year visa and looking for a rewarding job involved in care taking. My most recent job st gone was elderly care taking, and before that was a nanny for two girls aged 3 and 5. I'm really interested in anything to do with nature, sports, arts and crafts, and reading as well. I will be pretty flexible with hours and will be able to travel also.

  • Sofia G - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 08-Aug-2017
    Hi everyone. I had a degree on Law in Argentina since two years ago. But nowadays, I am travelling around New Zealand and Australia, and I really love spending time with their people to know a little bit more about its cultures. I am very good with children, i used to worked in a playground for three years when I was a student, and actually, i think that i had spend many years of my life taking care of and playing my six nephews since they were just babies, until today.

  • Maria Victoria C - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 07-Aug-2017
    I have recently arrived to Manly to spend a year. I've got my degree in Arts and decided to travel to Australia by myself. I really would love to work as a nanny as I love spending time with kids,

  • Renata G - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Aug-2017
    I am a reliable, loving, honest and a flexible person. I love working with kids, doing outside activities and also indoor ones. This is my 2nd time in Australia. The first time I was a babysitter(worked for about 8 months in this house looking after 3 girls, they were 9, 13 and 14) then had casual jobs looking after some kids from the the family of the women I used to live with. I used to look after kids from 3 to 14.I am studying human resources in college. Back in Brazil I worked in a daycare for 6 months. I've been in Syd for 7 months and til my 4th month I worked as an au pair. I was looking after 2 kids a 3, 5 years old girl and a 10 months boy.I am able to take first aid course. At the moment I am doing some casual babysitting but also have 2 regular jobs one looking after a 6 year old girl and another one looking after a 18 months boy. I've got great references

  • Skye H - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Aug-2017
    Hello Parents! I'm a personable, energetic and friendly Australian 2nd year Commerce student. I have a love for working with children and have up to date CPR, First Aid, Open drivers licence and working with children police check. I'm a qualified child exercise trainer and I've previously been a dance teacher and looked after 3-16 year olds. I have nanny experience and I'm able to get references. Looking forward to hearing from you, Skye

  • Men N - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Jul-2017
    from Vietnam stay in Manly Sydney to study master degree of management (hospitality and tourism ) . During the school period in Vietnam , I had some part time jobs such as : nanny, waitress, interpreter, cleaner, cashier . Besides , I have a little brother who is 15 years younger than me. Apparently , I hv spent my whole free time to take care of him. I am caring , friendly , hard working , honest and love children . Please contact me ! Thank you!

  • Tara N - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 31-Jul-2017
    Hi, I'm Tara. I'm a fun, enthusiastic, loving person who cares about children. I love to look for fun activities to do with them. When I lived in Belgium I was a teacher in primary school, so I do have experience working with children this age.

  • Felicitas S - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Jul-2017
    Hi!!! My name is Feli, I am a 26 year old Argentinian occupational therapist. I live in Manly, and I am looking for a full time live out Nanny job. I have more than 10 years of experience working with children raging from 45 days up to 12 years, not only as a nanny, but also as a kindergarden and primary teacher. I have been working in a consulting room with children with different disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, childhood psychosis. Working with children for me is not just a job, I really enjoy it. It captivates me, it's something that makes me feel great and I really understand them. If I have to describe myself, I would say that I am a fun, enthusiastic, creative, warm, responsable, hardworking, and reliable person that loves sports, dancing and playing with kids. I speak fluent english and spanish, I am non smoker, I have a driver's licence and if it's required I can do some housekeeping. If you want to know more about myself, please don't hesitate and contact me. I'm looking forward to hear from you!!! Feli

  • Alice W - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Jul-2017
    I am a fun, energetic and caring female with previous experience nannying and babysitting for different families in Australia and in the UK. I enjoy reading, writing, water sports, yoga and cooking. I have also previously worked in Television Production and Hospitality, however, I am now currently studying Business and leadership management part-time. My previous nanny and au pair jobs have included live-in, part time, casual, full time and babysitting roles, helping with mother duties as well as providing a fun, safe, educational environment. I am happy to help with anything that needs doing as well as caring for your children, I can make meals for the family, clean the house, wash clothes, help with homework and general household duties.

  • Linda V - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 26-Jul-2017
    Hi, I am an energetic, organised and reliable female who has been working with families and children in the Manly area for over 10 years. I love creating a fun, happy, healthy, safe and educational environment for the children in my care and always have their best interest at heart.
 I have a Bachelor in Health Science and a Masters degree in Prevention and Health Promotion. Until last year I was working as a Health promoter & Educator in a pre-school in Manly during which time I also acquired a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education & Care. However, I decided I enjoy the one-on-one work a lot more so am currently looking for a new family I can support and grow close to. I have very good verbal and written references so please don't hesitate to ask me for them. I look forward to hearing from you,

  • Andrea L - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jul-2017
    Hi! Spanish Primary School teacher living in Manly with a Student visa, looking for a part-time Nanny job. I love spending time with kids and have more than 5 years of experience working with children. In Spain, besides working as nanny with children of various ages, I have worked in a school as a teacher. If you want to know more about me, please contact me.

  • Jade-marie M - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jul-2017
    I from Wales in the UK and have recently moved out to Manly, Australia on a 417 visa. I was brought up in a loving family by my mother and father with my older brother and sister. I am a very passionate and driven person. I enjoy listening and interacting with everyone I meet. I am very approachable and caring, essential skills needed to work within Childcare and Education. I am extremely hard working, conscientious and reliable thriving on new experiences, challenges and success. I consider myself a valuable team member always carrying out tasks delegated to me to the best of my ability. I am continuously seeking to improve my personal and professional skills by reflecting and acting on latest experiences. Qualifications 2014-2015 Pontypool College Beauty Therapy VRQ Level 2 2008-2010 City of Newport College Diploma in Childcare and Education Level 3 2002-2008 GCSE’s Caerleon Comprehensive School Design & Technology (A) Mathematics (C) English Literature (C) English Language (C) Science Double Award (C,C) Sociology (C) Work Experience Post Graduate: Private Nanny: Emma Cooper, Newport (2015-2016) 2 yr old boy • Ensure the child’s safety and welfare was paramount at all times, implement routine • Bathe, change nappies and make healthy and nutritious meals • Organise stimulating, developmental and fun activities • Plan trips to play centres and educational play groups • Communicate with parents daily Post Graduate: Personal Assistant: Emma Cooper Global LTD, Newport (2015-2016) Personal Assistant • Organise Managers daily diary • Manage stock levels, analysing sales figures and forecasting future sales • Respond to team and customer enquiries and complaints • Complete orders and arrange delivery • Create motivating and appealing team incentives • Plan large business events Post Graduate: Retail Manager: Bonnie & Pearl LTD, Cardiff (2014-2015) Children’s Doll Shop • Manage and motivate my team to deliver great customer service and increase sales • Manage stock levels, analyse sales figures and forecast future sales • Organise and lead staff training • Respond to customer complaints and enquiries in a polite and professional manner • Complete orders and arranging delivery • Interact with children and parents in a fun and approachable manner • Organise and host children’s craft sessions Post Graduate: Crèche Manager: Ski Beat LTD, France (2013-2014) Children aged 5 mths-12 yrs • Ensure the safety and welfare of each child at all times • Manager and organise my team, ensuring they are prepared for each day’s activities • Offer stimulating, developmental and fun activities • Communicate in a polite, professional manner to parents and guardians. Post-Graduate: Classroom Teaching Assistant: Langstone Primary School, Newport (2012-2013) Children aged 4-5 yrs • Active member of the class team, while also excelling as an individual • Guided reading, one to one support, literacy and numeracy sessions • Outside and lunchtime duties Post-Graduate: Student: University of South Wales, United Kingdom (2010-2012) Childhood and Youth Studies Undergraduate (2008-2010) Year 2 • Juniors 8-9 yrs old (Apr 2010-Jun 2010) Langstone Primary School • Special Needs 12-16 yrs old (Nov 2009-Mar 2010) Maes Ebbw Special Needs School • Babies 1yr -2 yrs old (Sep 2009– Nov 2009) Seren Fach Private Day Nursery Year 1 • Babies 5 wks-1 yr old (Apr 2009- Jun 2009) Seren Fach Private Day Nursery • Statutory Nursery 4 yrs old (Jan 2009- Mar 2009) Eveswell Nursery • Infants 5-6 yrs old (Sep 2008- Dec 2008) Langstone Primary School My First Aid Certificate has expired this year however, I am completing the course again in Sydney shortly. I have a British police check but am going to get an Australian check carried out. As you can see from the above information I have several years experience working with children of all ages in home and educational settings and am very passionate about my work. I am looking for a nanny postition full time/part time. I am happy to carry out light house work duties relevant to the children. I am extremely flexible and available to work as soon as required. My hobbies include beauty therapy, music and walking.

  • Victoria L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jul-2017
    Hi! I am Argentine psicologyst living in Manly with a working Holiday visa, looking for a full time Nanny job. I love spending time with kids and have more than 5 years of experience working with children. In Argentina, besides working as a nanny with children of various ages, I have worked in a school as a teacher in elemental and kindergarten. I have been working in a school with children with different disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, childhood psychosis. If you want to know more about myself, please contact me :) I'm looking forward to hear from you!!!

  • Viviane K - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jul-2017
    Hello. I am German but I have lived in the Netherlands since I was 13. So my accent shouldn't be too bad. I've got 5 brothers and sisters and grew up with animals. For the past year I have been travelling through Australia. Right now I live in Manly and I am planning on working and studying in Sydney. I am on a working holiday visa.

  • Daniela M - 21 year old Female   Last logged on 25-Jul-2017
    A responsible and experienced babysitter looking to share my enthusiasm and creativity as a full-time nanny for a family. Helpful and efficient. also available to do housekeeping Experience: ·Babysitter for Mendoza family, as needed 2015 – 2016. Argentina Helped single mother with her young boy. Picked him up from school and sports practice. Housework also performed. ·Babysitter for Mastellone family, as needed 2014 - 2015. Argentina Long-time babysitter for family with two adorable girls. Responsibilities include bathing, cooking dinner, playing games, and helping with homework.

  • Maddison R - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jul-2017
    I am college graduate from the United States and worked as a nanny in Manly for a year now! I absolutely love children and caring for them, as well as finding creative ways to spend our time! I have nannied kids ages 6 months to 6 years old and feel comfortable nannying children of all ages.

  • Larissa F - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jul-2017
    First of all, I am Brazilian and I finished law school two years ago and one of my dreams were to live abroad, so I came to Australia. I am really easy going and positive, also really responsible and always on time. I have always loved to deal with kids, so I did volunteer work with disabled teenagers and adults and also in a hospital with kids with cancer (the kids were from 0 years to 15 years). So although I don't have any professional experience, I have 3 years of volunteer job. It is also good to mention that my first language is Portuguese but my English is fluent, I am flexible with my routine. I look forward to find a lovely family, I am sure being a nanny or a babysitter would be a wonderful opportunity to help me get back to doing something that I realty enjoy! PS. I can provide references upon request.

  • Larissa D - 20 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jul-2017
    Dear parentes, I’m a brazilan Young woman who are studying english here in Australia, at Kaplan international college. At this moment I’m just about to finish my nutrition degree. I have a friendly and engaging personality,I'm reliable and responsible, willing to help when necessary, with house work, taking care of pets if you have one. For me is a pleasure to work with kids. I’m skilled in creating fun and educational activities and, at the same time, demonstrating priority in children’s safety and well-being. I can also make health meals for your kids with my knowledge about food and its components acquired in my nutrition degree. I have experience caring for children during weekends, evenings, and summer breaks in brazil, I have looked after a new born baby boy and a 5 yers old girl for 5 months before arriving in Australia. I’m looking after from hearing from you soon!

  • Dais P - 30 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Jul-2017
    Friendly Passionate about assisting children on their daily routines Patient and willing to accept responsibility Responsible Able to relate well to children and parents

  • Molly G - 23 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Jul-2017
    Hi! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in England, but lived in Singapore and China before settling in Australia 7 years ago. I am a responsible, active and outgoing person (I love to spend as much time as I can outdoors, doing something sporty) I have been caring for children for the past 6 years , at before and after school care centres, school holiday camps, as a nanny and at childcare centres. I have a current anaphylaxis, emergency care and child protection certificate. I have a valid WWCC and can provide a police check on request. I have recently completed my bachelor of education (primary) and plan to split my week working as a nanny and casual teaching. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Lea F - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Jul-2017
    Hi there! I am currently looking for casual babysitting work on the weekends and possibly during the week (after 6pm). I am originally French, born in Dubai and I grew up in a few countries in Asia (Thailand, Singapore and India). I have been working with children for quite a few years now. I have done many jobs in childcare (casual babysitting, au-pair, intern in private schools, classroom assistant, etc). I have worked with children of all ages, ranging from new borns to teenagers. I also have a 4 year old brother, so that has given me even more practice! I have a first-aid certificate and proper training and experience to work with very small children as well. I have worked in families with multiple children under the age of 5, so I can manage large households. I have completed my degree in Montessori education in London and was working for a family in Kensington, looking after a 2 year old and a 3 month old. However, this family relocated and so I started a new position as a pre-school room leader at Montessori Academy. I was in this position for 8 months and now work as an office manager in a law firm in the city. I am a friendly and open person and I do my job with passion. I am good at communicating with children as well as their parents. I am a very clean and tidy person and always ensure that the house I work in is welcoming and in order for the family to come home to and for me to have a nice work environment. I also am an extremely organised person and have always kept a "log book" for each child that I have taken care of where the parents can see what activities we did, what the child ate, if there are any problems or concerning signs or any other information that the parents want! This has always been very helpful. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ana L - 33 year old Female   Last logged on 17-Jul-2017
    I am an experienced marketing and communications professional that is accustomed to working at the highest level across the corporate, government and not for profit sectors. My excellent bilingual written and verbal communication skills also enable me to excel at forging vital partnerships between these sectors. I am practiced at initiating and coordinating complex communication and digital marketing strategies (external and internal) to meet targets and budgets and to attract donors and/or engage stakeholders, especially in my focus areas of corporate citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility. My practical skills include liaison with international and domestic media and I am also a skilled journalist and television producer and an excellent project manager. I have also been teaching yoga for the past couple of years both to adults and kids. At the moment I have a amazing part time job at Greenpeace Australia Pacific but I am available to work Mondays and Fridays and would love to work with kids.

  • Isabelle M - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jul-2017
    I'm a very sociable and happy person. I have been working with kids as a dance teacher in private and public schools and dance studios for 7 years. I have a dance teacher university certificate and algo an gastronomy certificate, last year in Brazil I gave baking classes for kids as well. I love kids and their energy, hope tô find a good family to work with! :)

  • Rebeka Z - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jul-2017
    Hi, I am looking for a babysitting job for a 2-3 days per week. I love kids and I would love to spend time with them, being outdoors, and just have fun with them while you are at work. I do not mind taking care of your pets at the same time. I have a lot of experience but mostly with people I know friends friends kids, family members, my nephew.

  • Celeste M - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jul-2017
    I am a young woman from Argentina, who is travelling through Australia with a work and holiday visa for a major life experience. Very well organized, responsible and self-managed worker. Great adaptability, willing to create a pleasant working environment. I'm a physiotherapiswho loves to work with children. I have experience because of my job when I worked with disability children I and because in my family I always take care of my little niece and nephew. I like to do sport, the outside activities and to help the kids with their homework when they have to do it.

  • Aldana B - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Jul-2017
    I am from Argentina, I love doing sports, going out for a walk, the outdoors, children are the most beautiful in the world, they are our future, they are the most pure and innocent in this world, I love being with them playing, caring for them, protecting them, and giving them all my love ... I am A friendly, funny, cheerful woman with a girl's soul ... that child we all carry inside ... today I am living this great experience unique to my life, which is traveling to know this beautiful part of the world, but I want to pass on to me Next stage and become mother! In Argentina, I have taken care of my nephews, I have 2 beautiful godchildren, I worked as a nanny. And I wish in Australia to do it and to give my children all my love and affection!

  • Natasha L - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Jul-2017
    Hello lovely mums and dads, As well as a varied list of private nanny care, I have worked in formal environments including St Kierans ASC, and Headstart Early learning. My preference is to connect with one family. I am an Australian northern beaches local, have completed my BA with majors in English and History, and am now enrolling in further study. I am very happy to help with homework, as well as housework should you need it. I have a clean driving record. My availability is full time at the moment, as I have just returned from 3 months travelling. My most recent nanny care was for a 3 year old boy; I do however, love working with all ages.

  • Makenzie M - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 10-Jul-2017
    Hi there! First and foremost, I am the eldest of four children, with my youngest sibling being 10 years younger than me. I have grown up helping care for and babysit my own siblings and spent alot of time babysitting through my teens and early 20's. I also spent time in the UK, living with a family and looking after their 13 month old (when I started) boy, Alfred which was absolutely lovely. I genuinely have a very kind and caring nature, and love to spend time being active and busy. I work from home, where my partner and I run the Asia-Pacific region of a marketing and ticketing platform. My hours are very flexible, hence I thought I may be able to help out with childcare around the Manly area. Although I have had to indicate which times and days I'm available, because of my working situation, this is very flexible. If you think I might be the right fit for your family, feel free to get in touch!

  • Agustina P - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 07-Jul-2017
    My name is Agustina. I´m from Argentina and i have a degree in social communication. I have been a nanny in my country when i was 18 years old during three years. I looked after a boy of 5 years old, until que turned 8. I really love children of all ages, i like to play with them, help with school activities. I love art so i always try to encourage them to paint, sing or anything they seem interested in learning. I can teach spanish too if you are interested. i can do house keeping also if it´s needed. Actually i am living in Manly with the Working holiday visa for a year. I consider myself a sweet an caring person who always tries to do her best.

  • Sara S - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Jul-2017
    I have recently moved to Manly from the US. I have a masters in mental health counselling and have worked with children and adolescents in the past. I will be attending ICMS and working towards a masters in business management and organisation and I am looking for steady work about 16-25 hours a week while I am in school. I am positive, outgoing and love working with children. I am responsible and reliable and look forward to working with an amazing family! I have CPR and first aid trainings from the US and am looking to be certified here in Australia.

  • Catalina V - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Jul-2017
    Hi! I have many years experiences with children and baby because I work with them since I had 18 years old. I come from a big family, I have 8 nephews many different ages and always took care of them. I'm Learning English. I'm a full of energy, patient, polite, responsible and very funny girl and absolutely passionate for children. I have available time ready for start ASAP. I can give you good references from my country in case you need that. I also work with energy children. I have first aid certificate. I also do cleaning duties and I'm a very good cooking :). I love the nature so in my free time I always enjoying outside and riding my bike or skating. If you are interested please let me know I will be waiting! Best regards!

  • Carolina R - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jul-2017
    Hello, Moms and Dads!!! I am a Chilean who loves to work with children. I am a P.E & Sports Teacher and I enjoy sharing time with children. My last job was in a school in Chile for 3 years, and I loved it !! also I have done babysitting many times. I am currently working as a coach at School in Mosman with little girls and looking for casual o part-time babysitting job. I am caring, organized, reliable and energetic. I have my WWCheck number and also reference contacts. Please feel free to contact me! I would love to have the opportunity to meet your family.

  • Carrie H - 35 year old Female   Last logged on 03-Jul-2017
    Professional Career nanny that is now a mummy nanny with 15 solid sole charge nanny experience. I'm looking for my next beautiful family to nurture. Daily rate, inclusive of food and nappies.

  • Amy M - 18 year old Female   Last logged on 02-Jul-2017
    Hello! I'm currently at the University of Sydney studying Commerce and Arts having finished my HSC last year. I love kids and grew up with younger cousins and have previous experience in babysitting (both casual and part-time). I'm an enthusiastic, bubbly and organized person and believe nannying is the perfect job for me.

  • Caroline S - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Jun-2017
    Hi! I am a Brazilian kindergarten teacher currently living and working in Manly! I have Certificate III in early childhood education (MEGT institute), Certificate First Aid, WWCC (Registered Carer). I also have a year of experience working as an educator in Greenwood Early Education Centres. I have been babysitting 2 wonderful kids (3-5 years) for the last year. In addition, I have experience as nanny in Brazil. I'm a responsible, caring and attentive babysitter who genuinely loves children. I am an active girl who loves sports, specially running, and like to spend many times outdoors. I am currently available to work 3 days a week. Please don't hesitate to contact me for references or any further information you might need. Thank you!

  • Marie L - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 28-Jun-2017
    In my free time I give swimming lessons for children, from the age four to seven, twice a week. I also provide immigrant children regular linguistic support in a publicly funded project. Moreover, I am teaching private lessons to a seven years old girl. For the last two years I have been engaged in regular activities as a sport helper and instructor for children and young people. I received obligatory training including lifesaving, first-aid and a advanced water rescue certificate. I have surfed as a regular member on the student council of our high school, being responsible for the organization of school events and various extracurricular leisure activities. I also obtained a baby-sitter pass. That is why I have been doing babysitting for several years. I`ve been 7 months in Australia and six of them I was working as an Au pair in Queensland. Currently I am staying in Manly and would love to work with children again ! In the future I want to be a teacher that is why I am trying to collect as many experience as I can. I am looking forward to meet you and your children :)

  • Micaela D - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 27-Jun-2017
    Hello! I'm looking for a job in my spare time. I would love to have the opportunity to be your babysitter and share time with children, it is something that I enjoy very much. I have always been in contact with children because I have many nephews nearby. I worked in a nest for 6 months, then I worked individually for 5 months in equine therapy and the last year I worked in the area of ​​psychology in a specialized school (studied psychology) . What I enjoy the most is to connect with them through creativity and play. Get to know them and dedicate them the attention and affection necessary to properly develop the work and take advantage of the time together, enjoying their occurrences and authenticity.

  • Guilherme ( Gui ) B - 34 year old Male   Last logged on 26-Jun-2017
    Hello I'm from Brazil, but I'm a Australian resident. Im a easy going person, i love kids, a have a little be of experience as a nanny. I really want one nice job in day time, and i love kids thats is perfect for me, I'm i pet friendly person. i would love to have this opportunity ! I also cook really well ! For more details call me please. Thank you !

  • Denise S - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 24-Jun-2017
    I'm a person who likes to offer exceptional care children. Working as a nanny really allows me to help someone, and that give me a great satisfaction. I'm able to help in many household chores: nappy changing, bath, cook, shopping, homework assistance, play a lot and also pet handling. I'm looking for a part-time job, casual care, before school and pregnancy care. I'm a very responsible person and I like to pay attention to details. My strengths are patience, organization and honesty. Additional Skills: Ability to play harmonica, trilingual: Portuguese (native), English (intermediate knowledge - improving) and French (intermediate knowledge), international driver’s license.

  • Catalina C - 26 year old Female   Last logged on 21-Jun-2017
    I graduated from University in 2015 with a Bachelors degree in Architecture and I have an extensive experience working with children, as a babysitter and as a volunteer at the Clark Elementary School in Seattle. I have always interacted with children and developed the enjoyment of caring for them since I have two younger siblings and many cousins and nephews. I have worked as a babysitter in Chile, USA and Australia and i love to spend time with children. I'm responsible, trustworthy and happy to work casual or part time, starting as soon as possible!

  • Mohana A - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 19-Jun-2017
    Dear parents I’m an Architect, currently studying mi second bachelor at Billy Blue College of Design. I have been babysitting 2 wonderful twin girls for the last 4 years since they had 3 months. I also have a 2-year-old sister that I used to take care of at home in Peru. I can provide you with references if needed. I love to cook healthy food and I am very responsible and organised. I enjoy helping kids with their school tasks or homework. I like to play with kids in an educational way, helping them on improving their skills by having a good time. If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate in contact me! I'm looking forward to meet you!

  • Calida S - 32 year old Female   Last logged on 18-Jun-2017
    Alohaaa friends... I'm a female local living in manly. I am peaceful, loving, positive and hard worker. I'm passionate for healthy lifestyle, yoga, outdoors, creativity amongst others. My current and past employment includes childcare, cleaning , hospitality and teaching yoga...I love children and caring for them. Please feel free to connect if you are interested. Thankyou for your time , love

  • Brianna H - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 16-Jun-2017
    I am a very organised, passionate and lovely individual who would love to give back my exciting energy to children.

  • Mariel A - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Jun-2017
    Hi families! I am a very energetic and friendly person, who has loved being with children since I was a teenager. That has been the reason for pursuing my career and obtaining a degree in Psychomotricity (the science of the integration of psychology and motor skill development). It's my passion to help and work with children through playing together. I love seeing what kids offer for playing and letting them create their own play. I'm not interested in technological games, I'm from the old school: nothing compares with playing outside and with creating our own world for playing. I've started working with kids 10 years ago. Firstly as a babysitter during my studies and then as a professional. I've worked as a psychomotricist for 5 years at health centers and schools. I have lot of experience and in-depth knowledge of early childhood care. I have worked with different ages, from 0 to 10 years old feeling comfortable and enjoying playing together.

  • Yara C - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Jun-2017
    My name is Yara *** and I am 23 years old. I am graduated as a Teacher of Physical Education by the university of Salamanca in Spain. Besides, I have the Cambridge first certificate exam and has been out in Manchester for 6 months, therefore I have a pretty good English level. I am an active girl who loves sports, specially surfing, and like to spend many time outdoors. We are a family of 5, so I have an older sister and a younger brother. I love learning from every experience of my life and thus I highly regard this upcoming opportunity as very important for my future as a teacher. I would like to work as Aupair in order to live a different educational experience in my life. I have heard a lot of good references from friends who have already undergone such experience and therefore I am very excited to try the same luck. Furthermore it is always very interesting to get a grasp about how things are done in different countries and that's mostly why I want to pack my open-minded state and smile so that I can learn the most and do my best for you kids.

  • Sonia P - 31 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Jun-2017
    Hi family! Here´s a nanny you can definitely count on! 100% reliable, fun and active! A little bit about me: I have a BA in Communication Sciences and also attended the Uni to become an English > Spanish translator. I´m originally from Argentina and back home I used to work for The Walt Disney Company! I am currently staying in Manly, loving its lifestyle and its landscapes! My experience as a nanny: with the ones I love the most! My four awesome nephews aged 3 to 9 (I used to babysit for them regularly), and my friends´babies and newborns (I used to babysit for them casually.) Beforehand, I can say that I have full availabiIity and that I´m willing to do the Police Check and obtain the WWCC & First Aid Certification if you want me to. Besides, I´m into languages, aerial acrobatics, voley and healthy food choices, so if any of these comes in handy, I am happy to include them into your chidren´s daily routine. Parents: Let´s meet up and chat a little bit to see if we are compatible! Nothing like a face-to-face meeting to understand what you need and what I honestly can offer to your family. To enjoy spending time with children is a must for this role but, what else is essential for you? Kids: I hope we meet soon. ;) That´ll be all for now! Sonia

  • Maria B - 46 year old Female   Last logged on 13-Jun-2017
    I have worked with children either at centres or privately for more than 15 years. I currently teach French in a kindergarten and most recently cared for 2 French toddlers for more than 4 years. I like to provide fun activities for children and will never be the babysitter who turns on the TV. I am looking for before school care, and/or day work walking distance from Manly. I have lots of energy and enjoy being active.

  • Kyoka S - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jun-2017
    Hi mums and dads , I studied childcare in Japan for 2 years and I've got deproma . Some times I was looking after my tow nephews . I was swimming teacher , taught 0-18 years old . I have cooking and cake deproma in japan. I'm really love children and I'm going to enjoy babysitting !! I'm a student with classsed 5 days per week. Monday , Wednesday, Friday until at 12. Tuesday and Thursday until at 4pm. Everyday from 8:30.

  • Lucia G - 25 year old Female   Last logged on 11-Jun-2017
    HI!! I have already got my Bacelllor in Publicity Communication and I have come to Australia in order to visit the country and improve my English. I am looking for a job wich allowes me to be in touch with kids, because I really miss my neeces. I always take care of them, when my brothers need it. I used to work as a nanny in Argentina in order to get some money for my expenses. I have worked also as a kindergarden helper in Buenos Aires for several years. I also spent a winter season in Vail Colorado two years ago babysitting kids while their parents where skiing. I am able to Cook, feed, change, bath, take for walks, make them sleep, look after, play and stimulated. I am vegan and non-smoker, and i have a driver's lisence. My passion is sing and play the guitar and i love the animals, so I have no problem taking care of them too. Depending on the age of the children, I also can teach them Spanish, cook with them, take them out for recreational activities, play sports and games, make art and craft, cook and take care of them, look for than at day care and make some groceries with them. Feel free to contact me if yo would like to meet me. Cheers!

  • Macarena A - 24 year old Female   Last logged on 07-Jun-2017
    Hi mums and dads! Im actually a graduate university woman Who has been taking care of children throughout my entire career in adittion to the care ofrece younger cousins on a daily basis. I really enjoy playing, having fun and just be creative with games and New ways od enterteinment. Hope meeting you and your children soon. Cheers!

  • Lauren W - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 07-Jun-2017
    Hi I am a very talkative, active and adventurous girl who loves looking after children. I have a lot of experiane looking after many different people's children since I was 14 years old. I have worked in 2 different primary schools, 3 nurseries(looking after 23 2ear olds with one other employee), 1 senior school as well as babysitting and day sitting for many different people back in England.

  • Daniela B - 29 year old Female   Last logged on 05-Jun-2017
    I`m Brazilian and I`m looking for a job as a nanny as I have previous experiences. I used to work in a recreational centre planning and delivering activities for kids between 5 and 9 years old while their parents were having swimming classes. Also I have experience looking after my nephew since he was a baby. He is 3 years old now. I have international driver licence. I'm responsible, enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and reliable person.

  • Claudia M - 27 year old Female   Last logged on 04-Jun-2017
    Children are the future. Teachers, educators, and nannies are in charge of creating a bright one for them. I am influenced by Reggio Emilia approach, which values creative expression through open-ended materials, uninterrupted time for children as they play, let them explore, think and value themselves through daily achievement. I worked in Headland Montessori up to North Head valuing Montessori philosophy, especially, the principal aim to teach children to respect themselves and the surrounding environment. My background is Italian but I am a permanent resident in Australia :)

  • Marilia Fernanda F - 28 year old Female   Last logged on 01-Jun-2017
    My name is Marilia , I live in manly beach. i'm currently Studying english. I have experience in babysitting (caring my younger cousins ). I love pets, so if you have a pets , i can take care of them ! I can also do the housework (clean the room , kitchen, living room, children room....all)

  • Holly M - 19 year old Female   Last logged on 30-May-2017
    Hi Mums and Dads! I've just come back from a gap year in London where I worked at a boarding school as a matron looking after 100 boys aged between 7-13. I absolutely loved the experience and am looking for more of an opportunity to work with children :) I currently attend Sydney Uni studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences. I've been babysitting since the age of 14, and have worked with all ages, ranging from tiny tots to teens! I have loved all jobs equally. I love getting to know the children individually, and enjoy spending time with them!

  • Eliza W - 22 year old Female   Last logged on 25-May-2017
    Hi there! Hi there, My name is Eliza Wilson, 22 years old, local to Manly. Looking for morning, or casual/ongoing evening work. (Work full time). Am available to do before school as sometimes have late starts to work. I am an outgoing, easy going person who loves to hang out with kids and to have fun! I am happy to assist with homework and tutoring, but will make sure the kids are looking forward to having me come look after them. I have my working with children's check, police check, First Aid (specialised in infants), CPR trained, ASIST suicide intervention trained, drug and alcohol intervention trained, and sexual health education trained. I am experienced with children/ young people of all ages, from new born to 24 years old. I also have experience with disabled children, children with learning difficulties, and children with strong behavioural issues. I know First Aid, I do not smoke, have my own car and am extremely punctual and reliable. Pet friendly! I have a bachelor of Counselling and Behavioural Sciences, a Graduate Diploma of Sexology and am currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching. Currently, I work as a full time case manager for vulnerable young people and children, helping them through crisis response, residential care and specialised casework. Previously, I have managed a Youth Centre and coordinate programs and activities for young people in my local government area. My experience consists of -7 years nannying experience for 15+ families - experience in various after hours school cares - University placement with School counsellor (Catholic care) -Experienced with children with mental/ physical disabilities, trained in specific approaches to autism and multiple behavioural issues e.g. ADHD, ODD, ADD.. -Multiple holiday programs for youth -Caseworker for disengaged youth, high risk youth I can provide references if necessary. Thanks a lot for your consideration Eliza Wilson

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